Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The pool and peonies

white peony
Maya and her Aunt Julia

Maya and mom

Purple rhododendron

Red strawberry blossoms..never saw those before

Our river which has sloshed over its banks. The local news reported that it was moving at 3000 ft/sec which us science nerds realize is three times the speed of sound.  I guess they meant 3000 cft/sec

A white rhododendron

red peonies

Ms. Maya ready for summer
The condo we purchased comes with a very nice pool. It is even closer to our house than the neighborhood pool that we used to belong to. The opening of the pool was an eagerly awaited event. Naomi invited 3 of Don'tae's brothers and Julia to  come too as yesterday was ungodly hot and humid. I came to watch Maya happily cavort in the water. She seems afraid of nothing.

Josh and Julia met at this pool 12 years ago. Her best girlfriend went there regularly as her grandmother lived in a unit right next to the pool. Josh had several buddies who lived in the complex too. Six years later, her proposed at the spot next to the pool where they first spoke. I had to set things up after hours. (his buddy worked there and left a gate open for me). I arranged flowers, wine...They married a year later.

Steve and I hiked through the Arb. It has several microclimates in which vegetation can survive that normally would be killed in our harsh winters. There is a glen that has plenty of azaleas, rhododendrons and mountain laurel. The azaleas are finished blooming..now it is the rhododendrons turn. In a few weeks, the mountain laurel, which I prefer. There is also a huge peony garden but there are only a few early bloomers. They will peak in about 3 weeks.

Today will be a record high. I awoke early to slog through the early shade. More wedding planning stuff today.

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