Monday, May 30, 2011

Tornados! Monsoons!

This is a funny video spoofing the travel Michigan ads. If you are offended by the F word, don't click.

Not long before we were to leave to Josh's house for our family BBQ, the tornado sirens went off. If a possible tornado is spotted anywhere in the county, they go off but as it turned out, conditions were just ripe for a tornado, none were spotted. I worried about Naomi driving through these but she insisted (she was about 6 miles due west of us where the weather would hit first) the sky was clear. We stayed behind until the so-called bow line passed and then our daily monsoon hit. We have a leak somewhere in the lower level. I noticed the big rug was wet this morning. I am not sure if it caused the house to smell. I don't smell anything right now but maybe I am used to it.

No using the outside grill in a monsoon but we had a nice dinner and Maya was in a good mood. Her record is taking 4 steps before sitting down. She should be walking by the end of the week.

Today no rain for the first time in a while but it will be hot and humid. I did get my run in early..very sweaty.

With all my years of living, I have yet to see a tornado. One was spotted about a half mile away a few years ago but it didn't touch down. Occasionally they have hit the outer parts of town. Fortunately the ones we do have are generally weak. Still I have nightmares about them.

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