Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hands On Museum

Danny in his fireman suit. He moves so quickly that it is hard to get a good picture of him
Shanna and the grandboys spent most of the day with me. I am currently waiting for them to wake up.
We took them to Ann Arbor's Hands on Museum, much smaller than the Boston Children's Museum but still it has many activities for the boys. They do have different interests so initially I spent time with Oliver, 3, while Shanna was with Daniel, 20 months. Oliver ran at top speed for exhibit to exhibit rarely pausing for more than a second. I got my workout following him. We eventually ended up in the preschool room which has activities for the younger set. Unfortunately school groups were visiting that day. Somehow their chaperones are unable to read the For under 4 only! signs. Groups of larger boys, at least 7 years old, would come in and wreak havoc. I would tell them that they are big boys and that there are better things for them to see outside this room. Meanwhile Daniel was being a menace too. If another toddler was using something he wanted, he would either pull hair, hit or start to bite. They had a miniature fire truck here complete with uniforms for the kids to wear. Danny looked especially cute in it. Hopefully Shanna will let me post her pictures. Oliver after awhile, become obsessed with putting together puzzles and would not leave them. I took Danny out to see more interesting stuff. He liked the air shaft that kept a balloon in the air and pushing buttons in general. He also liked making noise.
Eventually I was able to persuade Oliver to see some of the exhibits that would impress him.

Shanna and I went out for Happy Hour minus the boys, a break for her. Unfortunately our time was interrupted with Naomi needing help with chemistry, her last day of it. Couldn't her dad, (a chemist!!!!) help her? No. So our Happy Hour was cut short.

Shanna will 'get' one night without the boys later in the week. Maybe that will not be interrupted.

Steve is out being an election official which pays much less than his low paying job that he has to take a day off from. An election here with only one thing on the ballot: whether a special education millage should be renewed. He is stationed in the student section. Past summer (UM is out now) elections have yielded only one or two voters with more on the ballot for his whole16 hour shift. They need to consolidate these elections even more than they do.

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