Thursday, May 26, 2011


We had non-stop rain and thunderstorms yesterday. A railroad enbankment near us collapsed causing the main route to downtown become flooded and now this road is closed.Our sump pump gurgled all day threatening to overflow into our laundry room with the water level almost up to the floor level. any power outage and we'd be in trouble though we do have a generator.

It will rain again today but no storms and at least in the few hours break we have, the water is receding somewhat. I was able to run out in the country today coming across the disgusting sight of 2 vultures ripping apart a deer carcass.

Before the rain yesterday, I sat on the patio in a miasma of lily-of-the-valley. As a teenager, I'd buy this short-lived perfume, Muguet des Bois. It smelled so good.

My Mexican traveller is having a good time now that he has adjusted to his conditions. He is returning tomorrow.


Chez said...

Sue, the pictures of the weather and devastation is hard to believe. I am relieved to hear that you and your home are safe. I will pray that the conditions ease.

Holly said...

I wore that perfume too! In high school...


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