Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When I was young...

My senior prom..Love the daisies?

A few years earlier with my cool paisley Nehru jacket and white lips
Me at 12 or 13 before I discovered make up and summer blonde and checking to see if I didn't walk around all day with my facing not tucked in. I can see from this picture that my left adult canine is just coming in, the same tooth that Naomi did not grow until she was 13 also.

Me at 3 or 4
Tempus fugit.

A lazy day without much getting done here. Naomi and I walked to the park again and encountered a woman and child that we had met almost a whole year earlier while Naomi was walking in the woods trying to make her labor actually do something. I remembered the woman because baby Hazel is a redhead. She had said something about Naomi looking like she'll have a baby in a few months and Naomi told her that she was in labor at that moment and we were going to the hospital in 10 minutes or so. Maya enjoyed playing with Hazel who is a year older than her.


Anonymous said...

Sue, Thanks for sharing the great photos of your younger self! It is lovely how they all look like YOU to me, no matter the age.
Love that white lipstick!!

Chez said...

You are, and have always been beautiful Sue :)


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