Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Golfer's vasculitis redux

When I was in Italy the first time, we had three field trips that involved walking in heat for  hours. There I developed a very ugly red rash on my legs which lasted only 24 hours the first time but lasted a full week the third time. It was not sunburn as I was quite tan going there and besides, Italy has about the same latitude as Michigan. It did not itch so exposure to some strange plant was not a possibility.

It turns out that this is quite common but by the time one can get an appointment to see a doctor, it is gone. The unofficial name is Golfer's Vasculitis as they do most of the complaining but it is also known as Three Day Walker's Rash, Disney Rash, Epcot Rash, etc. To get it, one must be over 40, it must be hot, and one must be walking for at least 3 hours.

All of these conditions existed as we walked around San Juan for 5 hours. The redness is due to broken capillaries. It did not itch but it burned for a day or so. It felt hot to the touch. Pictured above is a poor picture (again, my friend will have a better one). I am surprised that I got this given my good cardiovascular system (can run for 90 minutes without stopping) and veins (I never have had a varicose vein in my life) but there you go.
It is now a week later and there is no sign of it on my legs.
Another photo:


Anonymous said...

Thank you - I have been wondering what this was. Now I know, my Dr. did not know. I got it the first time in Disneworld after hours of walking. I have gotten it 2 times since then. The last 2 timnes I was not walking though. The second time was in the morning and I just got out of the shower and there it was. The third time which was yesterday, I was just sitting on the couch.

hokiejane said...

Being over 40 is not a requirement. I've been getting it since my early 30s when I first started playing golf, and know others my age who got it as well. We always blamed the chemicals on the golf course for it.

Lee said...

I get this every time I go walking - it doesn't have to be hot though.

Anonymous said...

I get this when I wear tight shoes or socks. I have started to get it wore frequently lately and I am starting to notice that my diet may have an effect on it. I am 35 year old female, and was very active. I was recently diagnosed with Biotoxin Illness and Lyme disease. I also golf. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in a couple weeks to find out more about it.

Cousin Jennie said...

Thanks Sue, I've had this a couple of times, with all the conditions you mention. A friend suggests it's vasculitis, which is potentially a very nasty disorder and related to an over active immune system. I have another immune system related disease, Lichen Sclerosus, and Lupus is also in the family. I have an underactive thyroid as well, & one can't help wonder if all these things are related somehow. Best of luck, and thanks.

Ade said...

I myself seem to get this when out walking in the heat and wearing fairly tight socks......I thought originally it was to do with the sun on the ankles


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