Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Pain of being a Teen

My teenage years were quite painful, both literally and figuratively. For about 4 years, every morning I would  get what felt like a knife through my right eye. It rarely lasted as long as an hour but it hurt quite a bit. I was quite sensitive to sound while I had these headaches. And once a  month, I was in for 6 hours of end stage labor pains. I had researched the latter in textbooks (out of date ones) and was upset to find that dysmenorrhea was a figment of my imagination. Fortunately I read in my grandfather's medical journal that it could be cured with birth control pills. My mother refused to help me get them. As soon as I went away to college, I got them. An added bonus, the headaches disappeared around the same time.

I was reminded of this on my cruise. One night, we ate with a BC survivor. She said the one bright spot in her journey was that her extremely painful migraines stopped when they told her to get off hormone replacement.

75% percent of migraine sufferers are women. Modification of estrogen levels either increases the headaches or decreases them. Pregnant ladies rarely get them. Before this cruise, I never linked my migraines disappearance to the Pill. Fortunately they did not return once I went off the Pill.

Snow. It should melt soon but it makes running too slippery today. Fortunately I made great progress in making my photobooks and calendars..all done now. Baby Girl hopefully will hang in there another week. I also started sorting my thousands of non-digital photos which are in no order. I am taking out my favorites of the kids to scan.
These pics are Josh and Shanna when they were 6 and 8. My pretty babies! Yep they look like they could be twins. Shanna hated the short hair though.

Naomi really doesn't look like them. She is about 15 months here.

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Holly said...

beautiful kiddos...now that you've finished your photos, etc...please come to do mine!!


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