Friday, February 24, 2012

The Pretty Yellow Road

 On the right was a program Naomi used to predict what their child would look like. On the left, is what their child actually looks like. About the only thing that is similar is the head shape.

The storm dumped about 2 inches of slush not the 6 to 8 inches predicted so that's good. Still I am taking a day off of running.

Back in the day when I was biking all over Hell (sometimes literally: riding to Hell and back. Hell is a small town about 25 miles northwest of us), one of my favorite routes took us through rolling fields of rapeseed. Now rapeseed seems to have a negative name so marketers renamed the oil from the seed 'canola'. The flower is bright yellow and is very pretty from a distance. Yesterday I found myself on that same road going to my hair dresser's but the fields this time of year are brown. Still it brought back pleasant memories. As an added bonus, I drove the car with  the satellite radio. My hairdresser (and Shanna's) left the Ann Arbor salon where she was based to raise her new baby. Once she discovered what a good baby he is, she opened her home  to a limited clientele. Her little dumpling is now 4 months and already weighs as much as Ms. Maya when she was a year. It was fun to hold a little one again. And I like my hair, now curl free excepting the ends which curl under. No more roots for a while.

On the route that took me past my hairdresser's house, years ago we happened upon a winery in pretty stone building (the area is full of pretty stone Lutheran churches from the German settlers). Of course we tried the wine. Drinking and biking do not mix!
The mill complex that used to house the winery, now closed.

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