Friday, June 17, 2011


Edelweiss from the web. Less than a day ago, I had six blossoms of my own growing in my garden. No more.
I have struggled to grow this stuff. For three years, I had one plant that could only produce one blossom per year and then it died. Ever hopeful, I planted a new one last year in a shadier section of the rock garden and it returned with 6 beautiful blossoms. Sometime late afternoon, someone or something ripped off the blossoms and threw them on the grass. For extra fun, the poppies nearby were beheaded too. This garden is in my front yard so it would be hard to believe someone would do this in front of everyone. It is possible that the bunnies liked the taste of the stem right under the blossom. They ate off my carnations off my patio last night too.

It appears that Ms. Maya has RSV virus, not to be confused with RSVP virus which infected Shanna and myself in which we are left unable to spell the abbreviation. Maya was not her food seeking self yesterday and breathed with a rasp. She coughs at night. No runny nose either. She probably had a temperature. It was hard to get a hold of the doctor. By the time she returned Naomi's call (7 hours later) Maya had started moving around again.

This week we had perfect weather for gardening, running and watching soccer. The heat will return this weekend. I am hoping that the rain will hold off for tonight as the Moms are coming over and it would be nice to sit on the patio. Possible menu: gazpacho, goat cheese pizzas, and corn, black bean quinoa solad..still mulling the options.


Cheryl said...

Sue I have learned about a new plant today. I love the look of the Edelweiss and intend to do some research to see if they grow here.
Also think it would be lovely to 'pop' over for dinner tonight. Sounds yummy!

Teri Bernstein said...

Ahh...RSV--Hannah had the iatrogenic strain (ha ha). She was hospitalized, dehydrated with rotavirus at 11 months, and there was an RSV mini epidemic in the hospital, to which she succumbed. She left the hospital sicker than she went in, but in a few weeks, she was back to normal. PS. I have book my Aug flight to MI...


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