Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lifeguard

I bought 3 of these at a garage sale last week. They match Naomi's old room perfectly

My patio yesterday. Next week it will be prettier as the lilies and the cosmos will be in bloom. Also more geraniums will open up

I love these pale pink petunias that I got on quick sale

One of the other pictures. There is a fourth, which may be available that would match the house walls that Shanna might bid on soon
I was at Naomi's complex's pool yesterday. I need to get goggles  and start swimming laps. Swimming used to be my main form of exercise but aside from snorkeling, I haven't swam in 15 years. The water was a bit chilly yesterday for Ms. Maya but she enjoyed splashing while sitting on the steps. Unbeknownst to me, I was being watched by the lifeguard, a young handsome man, who soon put a call to his mother. She showed up not much later and called my name. I hadn't seen her or her son in over ten years. Her son went to the same daycare as Naomi and later was on Naomi's swim team so we used to spend hours talking on the side lines. Naomi used to have play dates with the boy, who is a year older than she. But it was nice catching up with her.

There are now allegedly two bears roaming Dexter, the small town my son lives on the outskirts of. Live traps have been set.

No unusual wildlife here though yesterday I saw a baby black squirrel. Most of our squirrels are the giant fox squirrels with some gray squirrels and the tiny red squirrels.

At the party we went to last week, the host had put up blue bird houses. However they were occupied by swallows, a kind I hadn't seen before. Tree swallows. From a distance, they were black on top with a white breast but pictures close-up show the males with iridescent dark green feathers. Maybe I just saw females.

Father's Day today. My father is dead and even while he was alive, this was not celebrated as he had been angry with me for the past 30 years. I made Steve his favorite dessert: cherry cobbler.

Josh took Steve and me out for lunch. Julia was on a mini vacation with her friends. The two of them certainly travel alot.

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