Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stalking the wild hummingbird

I love these amazing creatures

She looks like she only has one wing here but it is moving so fast. We still don't have pictures of her mate who is much prettier with his darker, brighter color and ruby throat patch

Random picture from the engagement session. I do love her smile here

At some point in the evening, it seems like it becomes the male's turn to feed at the feeder
 and the female stops showing. She does try to chase him  off initially. He is only 60% of
 her cute. If I am only a few feet from the feeder dealing with the flowers, she'll 
come to the feeder anyway. I can only hear her propeller sounding wings if I am near. Steve wondered why they go to the feeder 99% of the time ignoring all my alleged hummingbird friendly flowers. Well if there was 2 bowls of nuts, one shelled and the other you needed to shell, which would you feed out of?

I sat outside until it was dark with all my colored solar lights. It was cool and mosquito free at least for a while. The fireflies are out in full force.

It is a lazy, summer day. I didn't even run. My cosmos are blooming including my new, 
double burgundy ones. Also my first California poppy. Steve and I went for a long walk
 after lunch. We interrupted a large buck in the woods who stood staring us down until
 we walked away.

A new country today appeared in my flag counter, Bangladesh. Someone was interested
 in my Montreal pictures.


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