Monday, June 27, 2011


This has been a good year for carnations and pinks. I have several varieties that I grew from seed last year

A double petalled burgundy cosmos. I have the traditional hot pink kind too. I made sure not to get the giant variety. One year I had 8 foot cosmos trees blocking the light for the other plants. They were pretty but susceptible to wind damage.

Moss rose. These are the only annuals I plant in the rock garden. Today I had blossoms in 6 different colors. Allysum next to it technically is an annual but it reseeds itself. Also next to it, a  green marble rock from the Mediterranean from Bonassola, Italy.

Back in Boston, Oliver enjoying running through the fountain

Purple cleome. Note its marajuana like leaves. Unfortunately, these smell like skunks. Not even my bunnies will eat them nor do bugs. I will have zillions of white ones in a few weeks. Need to plant them earlier.

Yeah, too many baskets of flowers and today I made even more. This red and white petunia basket goes to Naomi's for either her balcony or front of the condo. In the foreground are some of the salmon geraniums I've been nursing for 5 years.

Cheap but pretty petunias I bought today on top of one of my bags of impatiens
The lazy days of summer. I do my puzzle while drinking coffee sitting on the patio watching the antics of the hummingbirds first thing in the morning. I spend some time dead heading blossoms and cutting away dead foliage. Then off for a run before it becomes too hot. Before I even showered, I went off to the nearby, usually expensive plant place in Dixboro (town that Naomi will get married in). But at the end of the season, they have very good deals. The man loaded up my car as I went to pay. When I returned, I found twice as many petunias than what I paid for. He said the free ones were looking sorry and maybe I could revive them. I made 2 baskets out of them.  Some of the cheapies, I'll give to Naomi. I'd give them to Josh too but in the past, they didn't get watered.

Lunch with friends this week and maybe a visit with my cousin and my aunts.

Much of the wedding stuff is done.

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Holly said...

you are a busy lady...your garden is spectacular and i hope the wedding goes off without a 'hitch'! ( a wedding 'hitching' is what it's all about!!)


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