Friday, June 3, 2011

Exuding power

I live on the edge of Ann Arbor. If I run 20 minutes or so, I am out in the country where there are few cars. Today I was stopped twice by people wanting to comment on my running. We midwesterners are not a chatty bunch for the most part. On both coasts, I had many more people stop me per miles ran. The first guy kinda scared me as he drove by once in a truck and then turned around and drove slowly by me. I was all alone. He said he has been watching me for years and admires what a hard worker you are. About ten minutes later on a particularly desolate stretch of road, a woman stopped to tell me she too has watched me over the years and that you exude power. Strange. In the middle of the road a few minutes later, I came across a doe and her newborn fawn. The baby was so tiny. At first I thought it was a chihuahua with slightly longer legs.

So we've had 3 days straight of perfect weather. I watched Josh's team play soccer last night, a beautiful evening. Today I took a grumpy baby for a long walk trying to get her to take a nap, no dice.


Anonymous said...

Aren't those fawn just amazing when they are born. And you are right they are like tiny little dogs.

Teri Bernstein said...

Yes. Those extroverted drivers-by have it right: exuding power from within! Will call tomorrow..


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