Monday, June 13, 2011


Maya happily ignores the uncomplimentary things said about her today
I made a point to be present at Maya's evaluation today. Unfortunately it didn't do much good. The nurse is recommending special services in language. Maya does not babble. As  most 7 month olds do and she is almost 12 months, that is considered a lag. Also troubling is her refusal to imitate behavior. She will watch carefully if someone is performing an interesting task but she makes no effort to try to do it herself. Naomi was given no instructions on how to convince Maya to speak. To me, she does not seem to be so far behind but I do not count.

Another part of the day, equally frustrating, was dealing with the invitations. The original idea was to print copies, mount on attractive art paper, print out the invites on transparent vellum, and adfix to mounted photo with a pretty ribbon. But now Naomi notices companies that will make collage invitations (for much more bucks) out of the photos. This will be less work on our part. Also she insists on editing some of the pictures to no good effect. They end up looking blurry and the colors are all wrong.

It is very pretty out. I took a rest day as I was dealing with the above issues but the rest of the week is similarly scheduled.


Jill said...

Sue...some children especially at that age will do their own thing and when the time is ready they will progress at their own pace. Why do people want to push children before they are ready I will never understand.
Maya is such a cute little girl and she is lucky to have you as a caring Grandma:)

Holly said...

Maya seems quite perfect to me! What's up with that nurse? sounds like she has a twisted agenda of some sort. What about getting an independent evaluation from a known and respected developmentalist??

Alli said...

Sue I agree with the other ladies. It seems this nurse is always finding an issue of one sort or another. She looks perfectly happy she has teeth, she walks she's beautiful My nephew didn't babble either in fact he didn't start talking till he was nearly 2. When he did wow no stop.


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