Tuesday, June 21, 2011

C-reactive protein levels and recurrence risk in breast cancer

A recently published study in Denmark showed a high association between levels of this protein, an indication of inflammation,at diagnosis of breast cancer and recurrence. In general, this protein has been associated with heart attack risk and increase risk of recurrence in other cancers, particularly prostate.. The study followed almost 3000 women over 5 years. Another marker, Amyloid A has been shown to have a stronger association between levels and death. Any rate, this information isn't too useful unless you happened to have had these proteins measured at diagnosis. Who knows? Maybe they measured mine. I had given them carte blanche to do whatever studies they wanted with my tumor and blood levels. When I asked if I would hear the results, they made me sound like a selfish person..all the research would be used to help patients in the future..not me.

In general, it has been a slow year for info about TNBC. There is a huge oncology conference going on but the only info to leak out of it is that larger clinical trials using PARP inhibitors against TNBC have proved disappointing.

Warm, stormy and humid today and I have a cold. Running was an effort. I am tired.

Yesterday was the last visit that Naomi had with the social worker. This woman is more complimentary about the job Naomi is doing with Maya than the nurse. Naomi for instance, is the only client to breast feed and the baby is almost a year old. But the social worker reminded Naomi how tough being a mom can be and how one needs to stick to a plan that one believes is right versus one that is easy and used an example from her own life. Her teenage son had been bugging her repeatedly for a cell phone and she finally gave in listing all sorts of conditions of use. Soon she discovered that the son was texting in the middle of the night and she immediately took it away. He since has been reminding her hourly on how much he hates her but she won't give it back just to win his approval. Naomi is eagerly waiting for Maya to speak, not just to silence those who believe that her lack of speech is a developmental delay, but to hear how much Maya loves her and to hear what is going on in her mind. Ha! I hope she won't be disappointed.

I told Shanna that Naomi is very patient with Maya. She thought it is easy to be patient with a one year old but try being patient with a three year old.
Try being patient with a teenager.

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