Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The cry of the fawns

Aside from the peonies, there are rhododendron, azaleas and mountain laurel

The twin fawns we came across bleating piteously for their mom who we hoped was nearby
Fawn barely visible

lots of peonies

The kind I had before I had to tear them out to see why our lower level leaked. They don't transplant well

Presumably this garden has the most varieties in the whole country

From a distance

Huge peonies

We didn't let the 96 degree stop our walk in the Arb to see the mountain laurel (still not out) and the peonies (definitely  in their peak). We came across twin week old fawns crying for their mom. I didn't know deer could make a noise. Hopefully she appeared as soon as we left.

We cooled off with gin and tonics.

It will be even hotter tomorrow. Too bad the pool is damaged!

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