Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jack Sprat, would eat no fat....

And his wife would eat no lean...

Day 4 of Project Downsize. Some progress has been made. What percentage is actually water weight, who knows? Hopefully as the stomach shrinks, the hunger pains will subside and it will learn to be satisfied with less.

Wishing fat away and making small changes has been sadly ineffective. Also keeping my weight a secret from myself also was a big mistake. In the past, constantly weighing myself had forced me to see dangerous upward trends and nip them in the bud. The past few years have been very tough and I gave myself too much of a break. No more.

Much to Naomi's joy, the pool has been finally repaired though thunderstorms have been forecasted today. It has not rained in 11 days here but still the flood waters have not completely receded resulting in a bumper crop of mosquitoes. Never a problem for me in the past but since chemo, an invisible sign emanates from my body...bite me! bite me! Gardening this morning especially was tough. I was using a carpet of weeds to keep my geranium cuttings moist but this is not very attractive.  All I have done is cut the leggy stems off my potted geraniums and have stuck them into the ground. The big leaves wither away and look crappy but lots of baby new leaves and even blossoms have appeared.

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Cheryl said...

Sue I feel confident the weight loss will be as successful as the gardening.
I have heard that losing weight is much easier if the body is more alkaline and I am left to ponder that fact. After Jeremy♥s accident I lived on coffee, eating very little. End result? Heavier than I have ever been. Thing are now getting back to normal. Thankfully.


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