Saturday, June 18, 2011

The night of the hummingbirds

It must be hummingbird mating season. My little pair showed no caution in feeding repeatedly  just feet away from us and chasing each other noisily around. They must be building up energy to sit on their eggs as they were on the feeder almost continuously last night.

It was a nice evening to sit outside with The Moms surrounded by flowers, fireflies and my flashing solar lights. At one point a giant moth fluttered by..Cecropia?The mosquitoes left us alone until the sun set. We sipped frozen pina coladas, dined on artichoke spinach pizza, sweet potato fries, my goat cheese, carmelized onion arugula pizzas, gazpacho, and 4 different salads followed by lemon tart and coffee. A nice night of camaraderie. The first set of babies will be 32 this summer. How time flies!

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Holly said...

yummy fun! wish i lived in your neighborhood!!

i bought some geraniums per your to follow soon.


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