Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pseudo-tornado clouds over Ann Arbor

Naomi took these on a camera phone. Too bad we didn't have a real camera with us though maybe our photographer noticed these too.

We were leaving Ann Arbor last night after an engagement photo shoot and noticed cars stopping, eyes towards the sky. Such strange clouds! Isolated storms were reported in the area but fortunately did not wreck our photo shoot. Next week we will have various photos of Naomi and Don'tae in the Law Quad, cavorting amongst various sculptures outside the Art Museum, between the columns of Angel Hall, amid the medieval looking porch of the archeology museum and the best, in graffiti alley downtown. Naomi, unlike myself, is quite photogenic so I look forward to the pictures.

Looks like a tornado, huh?
Earlier in the day, we made a trip to Canton's version of Little India where she had her eyebrows threaded and we had fig ice cream and pakora. We made one last trip to the Botanical Gardens to see if they would be suitable for a photo shoot but still, not enough flowers. Fortunately the campus area provided plenty of interesting backdrops. Ms. Maya enjoyed her trip out. She is getting cuter and cuter. She is 11 month today.

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Holly said...

wow - incredible pictures...and yes, Miss Charlie is a months old...she is in the foreground of the photo and Mrs. Matilda (age: seven years) is in the back looking skeptical!


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