Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Endogenous cannabinoids

Endogenous cannabinoids are substances the body produces that interact with at least 2 receptors, CB1 and CB2 controlling pain sensation and appetite control among other effects. They have identified at least 3 of these short-lived substances in the body. They are very effect in reducing the sensation of pain. Suppose these substances were longer lasting? Suppose we found a way to inhibit their degradation? We could 'naturally' reduce the sensation of pain. This was the central premise of the last project I worked on.

Why are they called cannabinoids? Although the structure of the substances the body produces do not look like THC, the active component of marijuana, they interact with the same receptor that THC does and thus the name. Our project found some very potent inhibitors of the enzyme that destroys the cannabinoids and identified one of them for further development. Steve went to England to produce this compound in large amounts.

I think the project has been dropped. Too bad..it sounded like such a good idea.

A nice sunny day. I enjoyed it.

I was supposed to have that colonoscopy today but I lost the instructions and they would not give me new ones so I canceled. I found the missing instructions today in a place I looked ten times before. Even their bright pink color did not alert me.

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