Friday, June 10, 2011

Cool running

It is finally cool and dry so I was able to run for a long time this morning. As soon as I stopped, it began to rain .
I resumed my soccer watching last night on a nice, cool night. It's fun watching the team. I know all the players now and cheer them on. They are all except one, very skilled and have yet to lose. The one who is significantly less skilled almost scored a goal, a miracle. After the game, Josh and I sat in the park and had a good talk. His company is now talking about sending him to Brazil this fall for a short term assignment which makes him nervous. Where he really wants to go is Australia where he has a colleague that he needs to communicate with.

Later I babysat Maya so Naomi and Don'tae could have some baby free time. She will walk for only a few steps and then sit down. She now has 7 teeth.

According to Statcounter, I had my 100th country visit today. The statcounter does't capture every one as a few days ago, a Panama visitor was not registered. New countries? Maldives and Domenica. Half of my visitors are looking up humming bird pictures. My real hummingbirds haven't been spotted in a few weeks but I have seen their imposters: the hummingbird moths.

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Cheryl said...

Sue, we no longer have children playing soccer although Haydn likes to watch the Australian rep team as they are very skilled.
Certainly can recommend Australia should Josh get the opportunity for a posting here. Beats Brazil, I think!


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