Monday, June 6, 2011


This morning, both Maya and I had check-ups. Mine was just with my primary..a nice talkative man.  Except for being fat, I am very healthy and he didn't even address my weight. I let myself see how much I weigh in the first time in 2 years, very depressing. I really don't think I eat that much and I exercise more than 5 hours/week but big changes will have to be made but obviously I am photosynthesizing or something.. It put me in a sad mood. I wanted to look nice for the wedding. Well 10 weeks are left....maybe I can put a dent in the excess.

And I get home to hear how badly the public health nurse's visit went. Naomi gets these visits because she either gets insurance from the state or is young or both. This is the same nurse upon meeting us both asked if I were a teenage mother too. A few months early, she diagnosed Maya with weak muscles which I found puzzling as Maya reached all the milestones requiring strength and balance early. A set of nurses came out from UM and agreed with me that physically she was quite advanced.  Maya is 11 months old, she tested her comparing her to one year olds (must not have a specific chart for her age)in several different areas on a scale from 0-60: Social, language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and problem solving. The only area that she excelled in was gross motor skills. She criticized her fine motor skills because she doesn't draw (!) or throw a ball. Although she has a pincer grasp, it isn't done correctly according to her but she still gets small yummies to her mouth effectively. And she does not have stranger anxiety which was seen  as some sort of defect. Josh never had it (Shanna had it alot) and somehow he is a successful adult with many friends. But Maya's biggest defect is her lack of communicating. She says no words nor does she point. She does gesture when she wants to be picked up and will wave occasionally if asked. She also does't babble though she has her happy sounds. Arggh! She will be retested in next week and sent to specialists if no improvement is made. This time I will be there. Naomi asked her if she (Naomi) was to blame and she was told no, something just isn't right with Maya. Naomi told her she sangs to her, plays games, reads to her..what else is she to do? Well not let her have a pacifer as it is hard to speak with one in ones mouth (though one could point). Also Maya is too fixated at waking around..she should focus her activities on something else.
Although I am concerned about her lack of communicating (and we've seen this before in our family), I feel that she is a happy baby interested in her surroundings and happy to explore.

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