Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding work

We are finally making a dent in all the work that needs to be done..a meeting with the music director today and the caterer. We decided to make our own cards. Naomi wants her colors to be wisteria and white but she shouldn't have had Don'tae wear an orange shirt against a tan/orange wall in the setting sun. It just did not look right with a purple background. Peach does match. Then she wanted a picture with a horizontal orientation to fit into a vertical 4x6 format. She spent hours figuring out how to resize without distorting their faces. Original attempts cut off part of her hair. Now the one we settled with cuts off part of Don'tae's arm but too bad. The printing on the vellum worked. So we are mounting their picture to a stiff mat and tying the vellum which has all the information printed on it as an overlay to the picture. It looks nice.

The weather is beautiful. I did get a chance to run in the middle of the day. My hummingbirds are back..I've counted three.


Alli said...

Lovey looking couple Sue, He's very handsome and your daughter pretty....
I'm getting all excited about the wedding.... lol

Holly said...

weddings sound like a lot of work...so far, i have not had to tackle that task!!

Kathy&Chris said...

Beautiful couple, great photos!
How nice for Naomi to have your support in all of this. Way To Go Mom!


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