Friday, June 24, 2011

Maya, flowers and a hummingbird

I camped out the other day trying to photo my hummingbird. You can barely see her at the feeder here


Ms. Maya and Grandpa Steve

My orchid that I brought outdoors

Her new headband

To the left is pink baby's breath

See how many teeth I have


Zinnia..I couldn't find my seeds so I bought a few. Since my cleomes won't be big enough to bloom for several more weeks, I bought a purple one today. I don't have that color, just whites, pinks and variegated
Well the dress is finally in, just 6 weeks after they said it would be in. Naomi is going to a fitting today. I've called them several times to hear that there were manufacturing delays but not to worry, they had reserved the store sample for Naomi. Too bad it has been tried on by countless brides and is 4 sizes too big.

I have been looking for my wedding gift cage..still missing in action. I did come across 90-100 votive candles that we used in Shanna's wedding that I had forgotten about..just after we bought more. Also we have a bunch of mirror panels.

Turns out that I was wrong when my 40th reunion is. It will be in 5 weeks. Still mulling it over whether I want to come.
Bouquet from Shanna's wedding. It was a fall wedding so burgundy, white and black were the colors

Our cake baker decorates with flowers. Her cakes are very tasty
The missing gift card cage..where is it?

The table decorations from Shanna's wedding. Still have all those mirrors and votives that I had smeared silver glitter all


Shanna said...

Pretty sure I donated the gift box to Rae for her wedding. Didn't think we would need it again (at least so soon). Sorry, about that.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Well at least I can stop looking.


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