Thursday, February 23, 2012

The calm before the storm

At some point this evening, we will receive our first 'big' snow for the year. It won't last long as the temps will be above freezing later in the week (and now). I tried to get some last minute running in this morning. Hopefully Baby Girl won't try to make her escape any time soon. She already weighs 7 # but by dates and measurements, has 3-4 weeks to go.

Before the storm, I will deal with my hair. My hairdresser lives at the  western farthest edge of the county. My chemo curls are gone. I will revert back to the bob (see old picture on side..I can't update it without buying more space from Blogger) I had before cancer but it will be a bit longer. Having straight hair makes my roots all that much harder to hide. Fortunately I am taller than most people so they can't see the top of my head. And the roots are multicolored ranging from black to brown to blond to white so they aren't that obvious but maybe I am a bit delusional on that.

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Holly said...

Delusions can be our best friends!!


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