Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maya at the Indoor playground

I took Ms. Maya to the indoor playground yesterday, one of my Groupon deals, one more visit left! Now many school systems are out so I was afraid it would be crowded but late in the day, only one family was there, one that is trying to give the Duggars a run for the money. Pregnant mom already has ten kids all running all over the place there. The older girls were dressed in long skirts and had names like Charity, Faith, Chasity etc. There is a family like that in Josh's neighborhood (often seen running laps around the neighborhood) but no, they were from a different community. Most of the kids had red hair; the oldest girl was especially sweet to Maya. The boys were hellions though, especially one of them. At least Grandma was there to control him; mom looked away.

Love her face here. You can see that she is gradually getting some hair. The place has dress up clothes thus the yellow and green skirts.

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