Monday, February 27, 2012


 Not sure why 'the composition editor' won't let me start my text further up. These are just a few of the sunsets we took on the cruise,most of these were taken by my friend.
It was almost springlike here today. I heard the trill of the male red wing blackbird, a harbinger of spring, as I ran this morning..46 degrees! But winter is not over yet. Snow would be in my way if I had to go to Boston in the next few days..stay in there Baby Girl! Finish cooking!

Ms. Maya was taken to the doctor today due to grumpiness and a temp of 102.3. A bad cold. They are not to worry unless she becomes lethargic. She wants to eat and run around.
 In the past 2 weeks, I've made 5 photo books and one photo calendar with all these Groupon and its ilk deals expiring.. I am becoming a pro on which company's programs are easier to use. I am taking a break from all that for a while while I await Ms. Baby Girl.

Loved watching the Oscars and seeing the pretty dresses. Loved Viola Davis' and Jessica Chastain's. The absolute best by far was that of Milla, so graceful.

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