Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today I walked with the Komen 3-Day walkers in training in the cold (42 deg!) drizzle and strong wind. It was one of their shorter walks and I know some of the walkers so I thought it would be a nice switch from running. You are encouraged to talk to others instead of  your usual buddies. I walked with an Asian lady for a while and asked if she were a survivor.


I asked how long she has been out of treatment and she said she never had cancer. There are other things to survive other than cancer. Like what I asked?


She escaped the 'killing' fields of the Pol Pot regime.

Later I went out for  a delayed Mother's Day brunch with Josh. He will be in Mexico City for 2 weeks training fellow engineers. He returned the Mexican guidebooks to me unread. The Mexicans have promised to take good care of him. Still I will worry; not so much of the petty street crime but kidnapping of a worker of a large, international company.

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