Sunday, May 29, 2011

Death of a Bunny


Columbine. Have several different colors of


rock garden today after exposing more rocks

violas among coleus and water damaged petunias
Nothing makes me sadder than coming across an animal suffering. Yesterday in the yard next to mine but only a few feet from my property was the bunny lying on its side. I assumed it was dead but then I saw its legs move. I went up to it and I swear, it screamed. Poor thing! Do I put it out of its misery or do I hope that it is just stunned and will hop away once it has recovered? I was about to leave so I chose the latter. When I returned, it was dead. My neighbors seem to be gone and with the heat wave coming soon, this bunny will be gross so I bagged it up. Yuck.
Maybe it was poisoned as it did not appear to have any injuries.
It is not my only bunny so my seedlings will continue to be eaten.

I spent a good 3 hours today planting annuals and removing lots of rain induced overgrowth in my rock garden. All the rocks were completely covered.

I went with friends yesterday to a nursery specializing in Michigan perennials. My mystery white flowered plant that is threatening to take over my garden is called Snow in Summer. I bought some cheapie pinks that hopefully will be a different color than all the pinks I have in the rock garden. I also bought some red mullein and a miniature (hopefully) poppy.

Yep it rained last night but it did not leak into the house. And more rain is forecasted. Hopefully it will hold off until our BBQ.


Chez said...

Sue, your garden is ever so pretty.Good luck with your planting. Love the colours! I am sorry that it was your responsibility to take care of the bunny no matter what its cause of death. We find the hares more of a problem here than the bunnies although we have both.

Holly said...

your garden is gorgeous!


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