Sunday, May 1, 2011


Maya enjoying piggyback ride

Maya with her aunt. Note uneven distribution of refrigerator postings. The magnets and whatever they were holding were moved up to the freezer level to not attract little boys
Right now is a rare quiet moment in our house. It is dawn and raining (again!). Fortunately the little guys are still asleep so that their parents could sleep. They drove all night starting Friday. We used to do the same on our trips to NY though the ride is shorter and our babies were not so close together in age. Still the restless toddler Josh was not fun to drive with. I had stayed up late myself Friday at the Moms ' group and I couldn't get to sleep when I returned. When I am out late, I usually go to Josh's old room to sleep so not to disturb Steve. It was after 2 am when I finally fell asleep. I heard a car door close at 6 am and instantly arose: the babies and their exhausted parents. The parents slept for a while while we entertained the boys. Our house is no longer kid-proof and the little boys are into everything so that is a challenge. I still have a train set with tracks left over from when I was a kid that amused them for a while. What I really wanted to do is go to a park and siphon off some of their considerable energy but it didn't warm up until noon and by then, they were gone visiting the other family.

Later they returned for our family dinner. With 3 children and with 3 spouses and fiance and 3 grandkids, its hard to have them at one big table. Fortunately the boys slept through dinner but awoke later so they could interact with their aunts and uncles.Miss Maya enjoyed all the people. She does not have stranger anxiety and will go to anyone who has something interesting in their hands.


Holly said...

How great to have the whole family under one roof. You are blessed!!

Chez said...

Such a joy to have family at home Sue. Trust the weather is kind to you; time outdoors with the children is always such fun. Miss Maya is adorable! Enjoy!


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