Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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One of the projects of today. I made three bags of impatiens to have along my wall. They aren't as full as this one but give it a few weeks.
Every year I dutifully dig up my tuberous begonias. I had about 20 last year. The bag of them was thrown away in the flood we had about a month ago. Aside from the impatiens, I got a new primrose and some allysum from the Farmer's Market today. Still I have plenty to do until my patio looks like I want it to.

I recently googled myself. Included in the results was my public profile. According to it, I am Jewish, read sports news, live with my husband, brother-in-law and oldest daughter, am an Aries, have a low family income and a house that is worth about a half what it really is. Hmmm.

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Chez said...

Sue, love the hanging basket.
Seems you have learned some things about yourself that you did not even know. Funny thing this WWW!


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