Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scenes from a baptism

After the baptism at the luncheon. Steve and I and our children and their spouses and their children

Before the baptism with Ramy's sister's family and Ramy's dad

The altar. Shanna got married here almost 4 years ago

Danny walking in front of the priests, parents and godparents

Maya making friends

Oliver watching the ceremony from afar. He did not want to drink the Blood of Christ

Now cake..that would be better

The Michigan branch of my family

Shanna relaxing with Oliver at the lunch

Before the ceremony in their prebaptism suits

Being baptized is tiring..

Watching the baptism is too

Both boys went into the font at once in their birthday suits. Danny was none too pleased though this was the only part that Oliver liked.

The church. Very pretty and I do like the weeping cherries in front

These cakes came from the same baker that did Shanna's and Josh's weddings. Very tasty but printing is not their forte

Naomi, Don'tae and Maya before the ceremony

The Moms minus one 

Maya practising her walking with grandma


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Day Beautiful ceremony and a marvelous dinner It was great to see you and Steve with all of your children

Tracey said...

It looks like a wonderful day was had. the phot's are gorgeous.
Tracey over at xx


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