Monday, May 16, 2011

Bloggers missing in action

You read some people's blogs faithfully and suddenly, there are no posts.
One thinks the worst particularly if it is a survivor's blog.

A few months ago, a woman posts how she is scared to death because a biopsy is suggested for a possible recurrence and promises she'll share the results. Nothing. Perhaps she is too shell-shocked to blog again. I wish her the best.

And another blogger who has a miracle baby while battling Stage 4 cancer hasn't posted since the baby was 6 months old (now she is 2.5 years). I really hope the mama is still with us but....

Within a few hours this morning, I have had readers from Tunisia, India, Australia, Haiti, and Cyprus. How amazing is this world wide web!

My son is now in Mexico City exploring new worlds. I had Maya today while her mom waited in a holding tank of potential jurors. Thankfully she was not selected.

It is cold and windy out..where is spring?

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Chez said...

Oh dear Sue! Through no fault of yours I am feeling guilty. I am one of 'those' bloggers that can 'disappear' although I believe that if I thought it would be permanently I would inform my loyal readers.
Lucky you spending time with littla Maya. Enjoy!


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