Friday, May 13, 2011

My birds

Are my fellow bloggers having problems with Blogger? First, I haven't been able to get on my blog for almost 24 hours though from my stat counter, others have. Second, it deleted yesterday's post or at least seemed to even though I can see that my readers are accessing it.

I was just coming home last night when I noticed  that my hummingbird had returned. It was flitting around my patio searching for the feeder which I hadn't put up yet. I have bought no flowers yet but there are plenty of fruit blossoms to keep my hummingbird fed. Now that it is up, hopefully my little friend will return.

And the chimney swifts have returned. Presumably they have the longest migratory route of all birds going all the way down to Peru. For two years, they have spent May through August in my chimney. I don't hear them twittering away in it yet but I do see them circling noisily around my house. They never land. They presumably are constantly consuming bugs up there. I would think the bug density would be lower closer to the ground.

Usually I am the only fan at the soccer games my son plays in but the other day, the daughter of one of the women players was there.
Good corner kick, Mommy!
I was impressed that a 5 year old knew what a corner kick was but she said she was a player herself. She too is a Maya. I told her I had a granddaughter with the same name.
Oh, Maya is a name used in many cultures...she told me.

Maya does seem to be a popular name. The door person at the health center yesterday overheard us using the name leaving  our 2 hour long weigh in session (!) and piped in that was her daughter's name too but somehow it is spelled with an 'h' in the middle.

It was very muggy out for last night's soccer game. Tough on the players needing to run around. The men were drenched but the women barely broke a sweat despite putting in as much effort. No more watching soccer for a while as Josh will be in Mexico for 2 weeks.

I finally got some gardening done this muggy morning. I've lost a lot of plants..some primroses and thrift. Bonus though, I have a new flower that I have not seen before.


Holly said...

i have been having a lot of trouble too..though it was ME! can't update the template. nothing has posted since last Sunday...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

According to Blogger, everything that was posted Friday will be restored. Still hasn't happened. It was strange that people could access my blog (according to my stat counter) but I couldn't).


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