Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scents of attraction

According to a recent study by biological anthropologists, birth control (BC) pills disrupt more than just the ovulation cycle of a woman; it disrupts their phermones and their ability to react to male phermones. Without  BC pills, a woman is more attracted to masculine men when she is fertile and gives off phermones making her in return more attractive. Also women presumably prefer scents of men who have different immune systems from their own which leads to healthier babies. Women on BC pills are more attracted to less masculine men than the women not on them. Since 92 million women seem to be on BC, there would be lot of opportunities for girlie men.

Hmm. I confuse phermones with sweat. If one uses deodorant, does one block these phermones? Maybe I am too Americanized but smelly men just don't do it for me. Also I wonder if all this is dependent on the dose of the BC pills. When I took them many years ago, they were much stronger than the ones today. Maybe they made me even less attractive to 'he-men'.

So it is finally spring. We took Maya to the park yesterday and was joined by Naomi's friend whose baby Taya is just 2 months younger but is  much bigger than Maya. Taya's bulk makes it difficult for her to control her body but she is making up for it in learning speech early.

My dogwood's blossoms finally appeared but they seem stunted. Last year was a good year for dogwood. My quince hedge is in full bloom now. I have so much yard work to do.

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