Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you have seen one pyramid, you've seen them all

Taking advantage of the Rapture: from Passive/
It is already tomorrow for some of my readers and they are still here. I am not sure how the Rapture fits in with the different time zones.

This weekend is Josh's 'free time'. He suggested to his hosts that they go to the pyramids just outside Mexico City but he was told:
If you have seen one pyramid, you've seen them all.
He said that was probably true and besides he didn't think he could climb them due to lingering altitude sickness.
But you haven't seen a pyramid? I pointed out.
I saw the Luxor in Vegas (where his bachelor party took place).

Hardly the same. But they will hold a fiesta for him and his companion so that should be interesting.

I climbed one of those Mexican pyramids and it wasn't altitude sickness that got me as the Yucatan is just marginally above sea level; it was the sheer terror of falling on those thousand year old roughly hewn limestone blocks. Even before chemofest, my balance wasn't fantastic and I really, really hate falling.

A pretty day. I should buy more flowers but the market will be so crowded.

We watched The King's Speech last night. Loved it.

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Alli said...

Forget the rapture nonsense........According to the MAYAN Calendar, the end is supposed to come either in August 2012 or December 2012 so I think we are still good to go! lol

Love Alli xx


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