Friday, May 20, 2011

Those left behind after the Rapture

All of a sudden my blog has become popular. Usually my top hit, according to stat counter, is a picture of the hummingbird moth but now, it is my pictorial  debate (not even mine) of whether dogs go to heaven. Even if your dog has been very good, it might not be taken tomorrow in the Rapture with you and then what, starvation?

Well a man in St. Louis has the solution. For a price, he will feed the animals left behind. Even if the Rapture happens in December instead of tomorrow, Fido will be fed as their owners sign a contract good  for the next 10 years. What happens if this man is Raptured? Well he insists that won't be a problem as he is a non-believer and is fairly certain that he'll be left behind. There were some comments on the article about this man that they wouldn't want their precious animals being tended by such a man. But what choice do they have? Still others think that Fido will be Raptured too. Someone's answer to that was a link to my blog and thus my sudden popularity. And the man has plenty of customers.

Finally a day without rain. I still look scary with one eye half the size of the other. We met with the DJ company last night (fortunately for all involved, in dim lighting). Naomi is gleefully engaged in selecting her 200 songs for the wedding. Any suggestions?

Josh was going to try to go to work today. He insists that Mexico City is the hellhole of the universe. Apparently when he was at his sickest, they were stuck in traffic for 2 hours behind a black smoke belching truck. He was nauseated, having breathing problems plus needed to be in a restroom..none to be had along the route. The rare times he ventures out of his hotel, he is aware of how much he stands out being a good foot taller than the average Mexican man.

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Chez said...

I am still here Sue with no animals to worry about.
Cannot believe your eye is not yet healed.
Cannot imagine life in Mexico and yet there are many cancer centres that. How does that work?


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