Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dude, where's my blog?

Creeping phlox. Most of what I have is the pale purple but it hasn't bloomed yet. This in my rock garden that I weeded yesterday.

What is this? Who knows. I bought it past its blooming stage last year and lost the tag

Left over from the size 2 collection. Shanna made a sizeable dent in the clothes left behind but some items remain. Naomi has a larger frame than Shanna but was still able to fit into this.
Blogger has promised to put back the blogs removed on Thursday but that still hasn't happened.

According to the weather, we will have 6 days straight of rain. In between showers, I ran in the neighborhood scouting out garage sales. I found a climbing gym suitable for Ms. Maya but in the 5 minutes it took to run home and retrieve the car, it was gone.

But the weather is at least mild. We sat on the patio last night in a shower of apple blossoms. The air smells so good this time of year.

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Alli said...

Sue my blog totally disappeared somehow i think it's out there floating around in Cyberspace......
Alli XX


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