Monday, May 9, 2011

Four little ducklings

The current debate in our local 'paper' is whether a young man ran over some baby ducklings in a parking lot on purpose. If he is found guilty, this is a felony charge and he could face prison. Our 'paper' mainly published on line rarely uses the word 'accused' and almost never investigates the other side of the story. They allow the readers to publish comments: most on this site consider the boy guilty because he had been accused of vandalism in the past and he was driving a Hummer: a sure sign of guilt. The young man maintains he did not do this on purpose though he was aware that the ducklings were there and was observed harassing them earlier. A past vice-President was reported bragging about shooting 100 pheasants in one day. This was legal although when I read that, I was sickened. It turns out Naomi knows the young man in question. She does not like him for a variety of reasons and thinks He SO did that. He and his parents are receiving hate mail. This incident has made international news.

But what if he is innocent.

This is rarely considered.

Also up for on-line discussion in our 'yellow paper' are middle schoolers accused of child pornography. It is illegal to send or even possess pictures of sub 18 year olds privates. A 13 year old boy sent a picture of his privates to his girlfriend. Obviously this is in bad taste but is he a child pornographer? Who is he exploiting? Himself.

It is beautiful out. I went for a long run in the country. Shanna should be driving home as I type, a difficult drive with 2 very energetic little boys. They have a video screen to keep them amused for a bit.

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