Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photo of a killer

A breast cancer cell (from NCI files)
With currently available early-detection methods for breast cancer, many people can be treated successfully. But for the 20 percent of patients with so-called triple-negative breast cancer, the outcome is bleak. Now, however, researchers from Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Baylor College of Medicine have identified a critical molecular component to the disease, one that suggests potential therapies involving combinations of FDA-approved, readily available drugs.

The above is from a recent article ( published from the Harvard Medical school.

One problem with TNBC is that it isn't a single entity but a catchall term for breast cancers that are hormone negative and do not have the her2 oncogene.My TNBC may respond differently to drugs than your TNBC. These researchers noticed that 60% of TNBC have an altered tyrosine phosphatase enzyme which there are already drugs out there for other cancers with this defect: lapanib and sunitinib. So far in rats transvected with TNBC cells, the drugs are useful in shrinking the tumors. Now to try it in humans. Also again, which TNBC tumor are they treating in the rats? Hope they are using a variety of them.

So The Skinny Baby Scare is officially over. Ms. Maya went in for a weight check this morning on the 'official scale' and weighed 18#11.6 oz which is a 2# gain in 5 weeks and puts her at almost 50%tile for age. However she is 90%tile for height so is still considered 'skinny'. What are the chances of two tall skinny parents giving birth to a tall skinny baby? Hmmm.

And for Life is Unfair, Part infinity: they had a young mom on TV the other day with stage 4 breast cancer. Her husband left her and moved out of state as he could not deal with a wife with cancer. He recently won a custody battle for the kids as he seems to have a longer life line than she. This sucks.

Note: This blog was originally published on 5-12-11 and then disappeared the next day. Recently it showed up as a draft. I know my fellow bloggers have also lost posts..check your drafts.

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