Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Michigan Murders

The above is the name of a book I just finished reading about the 7 murders of young women in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area and one in California during the period 1967-1969. Later one of the murders whose m. o. did not fit with the rest was found to be committed by someone else (who a certain someone helped convict).
The case got lots of publicity and I had an interest in them because I was soon going to attend UM and also I spent a lot of time in Ann Arbor. Some of the bodies were dumped in places that I currently run pass. Anyway, the book is full of details and locations. Through my own brush with another "Michigan Murder" that occurred in 1978, I am familiar with some of the investigators mentioned in the book. I had blogged previously about my boss being murdered by a prostitute and her pimp. It was very upsetting. I also was pregnant with Shanna. It was difficult to tell if my constantly racing heart was due to anxiety about the murderers blaming me for the police attention focussed on them or the pregnancy. At any rate, it was a scary time for me.

No rain today. More wedding stuff to attend to.

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