Monday, May 31, 2010

Calm before the storm

There's not a cloud in the sky but the TV keeps beeping WARNING! WARNING!-Huge storm coming! The air is still, hot, and moist-very bad for running this morning. I was already tired from my double workout of the day before but I figured running along the river with Steve wouldn't be too hard. It wasn't for the first half hour but..

The other night I was watching a movie that had been filmed in the Detroit area-You Don't Know Jack, about Dr. Death (Jack Kervorkian). It was clear that no one from our area did the final editing as one of the suicide areas was referred to as Lake Oh-RYE-in instead of Lake ORE-ee-in as Orion is pronounced in these parts. It actually showed the seedy motel that I 'lost' my virginity at. Little did I know that it was the spot for one of the first assisted suicides. There is a commercial on cable TV stressing to go to their business because it is locally owned and operated. Yet they mispronounce the name of the business-Ypsilanti as Yipsi instead of Ipsi as it pronounced by the 'true' residents though some call the whole area Ypsitucky. One of the last big issues discussed back and forth in the Ann Arbor News before it folded was whether that was a pejorative or not.

Five weeks or so to go and then the real storm really hits.


Teri Bernstein said...

Oh, oh, oh --that is a storm that you are a goddess of...

Alli said...

Sue we are in the midst of a storm right now... It's 4:02 am June 1st....I don;t like thunderstorms..... Gnite!
Alli xx


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