Monday, May 10, 2010

The stats on Maya Rose

So in medicalese, the hamburger sign was present versus the turtle meaning most likely Baby Tae-Nae aka Maya is female. At 16 weeks, I saw this elusive hamburger for a second as did the sonographer but it was not photographed-only a suspicious swelling suggesting maybe we were going to be having another boy. At 26 weeks, no swelling at all with a full crotch shot but no hamburger sign either. But the hamburger reappeared today and another day knocked off her sentence so she has the same due date as I had for Shanna. She is now 4.25 pounds, well on her way to becoming the 9 pound girl in 8 weeks I predict. All this happened 750 miles from me.

I didn't run today. I am tired but tomorrow, with less wind, I plan a 8 mile plus run to Castle Island.
We had a fire alarm this morning which was thrilling for Oliver. He immediately wanted to wait on the balcony for the fire trucks. He loves those trucks! Then we were locked out of the apartment. Rather than pay the $50 lockout fee, Ramy came home to let us in-one hour trip for him. We then went to Chuckie Cheese to amuse Oliver.

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