Monday, May 3, 2010


Naomi's favorite subject

Unfortunately the dogs in my house don't wait for a tree. Someone peed into our
air conditioning vent yesterday. We have two suspects.

When kids are growing up, they constantly are checking to make sure their parents are watching every little thing they do. Look at me! Did you see what I just did? Woe to the parent who missed their goal or missed their one handed reverse lay-up. I remember walking through a park in Sevilla and hearing ¡Mira! ¡Mira!

Naomi hasn't out-grown that need but now it is transformed into a need for me to watch her belly every second. Did you see what she just did?
No, I was too busy reading this work for you.

We had a marathon study session yesterday. All the tests and make-up work is due today. It is now out of my hands and that is a huge relief. I am not going to worry how she is doing today. I get a break from this school chore until the fall.

After we were finally done, I made more artichokes. I remembered that my artichoke mentor back in Steven's Coop had told me to drink some milk right after eating a leaf and notice how sweet it then tasted. Naomi was thrilled with this and drank a sip of milk with every leaf.
Foyle's War is back on! While I was doing chemo, my friend Teri sent me her favorite DVDs among them was Foyle's War. This was one of the few shows Steve will watch with me. Now they are making new ones and the first episode was last night.

So I feel free. I have a few things scheduled but now I can go to Boston and see i bambini. Yesterday would not have been a good day to be there as a huge water main broke leaving 2 million Bostonians without clean water on top of a 90 degree heat wave on top of her apartment building will not turn on the air conditioning before June.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Nice way to get Naomi to ingest her calcium.
Have fun in Boston--nice to squeeze in the trip before Naomi's Big Day..I loved seeing Foyle again last night, too. I think Sam has had some Botox however...


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