Saturday, May 29, 2010


I got 2 big balls of mini petunias to brighten my patio
All over my yard, I have various types of columbines. These ones haven't reverted to wild types as some of mine have

My favorite clematis

A bluet. One of the original flowers the house had when we bought it 27 years ago

Still likes to walk around in that bikini
Summer came here all of a sudden after a long, cool spring. Still haven't planted all my flowers.
Our car was finally finished after 2 weeks. Naomi had a rental car. All seemed fine but we got a call a few hours later saying that there was a scratch on the bumper. Naomi says it was there before but no documentation either way. They have her credit card number but it belongs to an inactive account. Every day a new annoyance. Sigh.

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