Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News alert: The world does not revolve around me!

More flowers bloomed while I was gone. Not sure of the name for this but I had stole one small cutting and now I have it all over my rock garden
The Scottish moss has these very tiny white flowers. Still have forget-me-nots despite me pulling them out as weeds

One of my new irises compliments of my neighbor who shared several varieties with me

The baby is definitely growing -33 weeks

Naomi showed up here bright and early for us to go to the midwives' intake interview yesterday just as I was preparing for my run. The radar showed a green mass inching up to our fair town and I had only a small window of dryness. She was indignant; the nerve of me thinking only about myself when she wanted to go somewhere that second and I could run later (in the rain).

The world doesn't revolve around you!!
Well it doesn't revolve around you either!!! she shot back.

Don't I know it but I went for my run any way with stiff legs from the ordeal the day before. I returned to find her and Steve working on a project for the betrothed.

She had to fill out a lengthly questionnaire similar to the one of her OB's (who she fired later that day; we both felt sad about that) but this one had many questions about depression and mood. She didn't understand many of the terms such as libido. They wanted to know about changes in it.
Why would they ask that? She wondered.

But she filled everything out as if she were the happiest pregnant person ever admitting only to panic attacks. As for possible genetic diseases, she wrote down the possibility of the sickle cell trait but later told me that she had questionned Dontae's mom about it. Turns out both she and Dontae were tested and were negative. As Dontae's sister and her little girl have the trait, I can assume Dontae's father is the carrier. Assuming the mom is right about Dontae not being a carrier, the sickle cell business now is a moot point.

I had read on the website that one of the midwives is an expert on adolescent issues and thought that would be a good one. The scheduler asked how old Naomi was and said that Naomi was too old to be considered an adolescent (although she suggested that Naomi give me permission to speak for her). They are still trying to get an appointment for Naomi this week but she has one next week for sure. She is now in the system. This office is right across from that of Naomi's pediatrician who she was seeing up to a year ago. This lady had asked Naomi gingerly about her possible sexual activity. Naomi replied she had no interest in sex. The pediatriacian: Good!!!

I suggested that since we were there, we'd pay this lady a visit for old times sake but Naomi passed.

There is no mistake to the casual observer that Naomi is pregnant. She does look like a thin person with a basketball stuffed under her shirt. As we were walking out, a woman wanted to ask a bunch of questions. Are you still in high school? Is it a girl? Do you want her to have your beautiful red hair?

Naomi just smiled prettily and said she was a college student.
She didn't say much about the red hair issue but knows it isn't likely. Dontae's sister has volunteered in advance to be Maya's 'hair' aunt in case she inherits Dontae's hair. In Boston, we watched Chris Rock's documentary on African American hair care. Very time consuming and expensive.

Steve spent some time dealing with the aftermath of the accident: $3000 of damage.

I rescued a friend with a spare key I keep for such occasions (once bit; twice shy) but was too tired to tackle much more of my to do list.

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Sara Williams said...

Hi Sue, its been a long time! I thought about you today. I went out for a run and just couldnt do it today and remembered how you blogged about how hard it was post chemo and it helped me feel a little less useless! Great to see how Naomi's baby is coming along, not long to go then.


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