Thursday, May 6, 2010

When the pug lies down with the rabbit..

Spud and the rabbit sharing space
Dogwood blossoms outside my window

Thirty one weeks
Spud is so slow moving that the rabbits (at least two) pay very little attention to him. Last night Spud was only a few feet away and the rabbit casually groomed itself. Finally Spud slowly ambled over to the rabbit to give it a sniff and it moved away..just a few more feet.
Steve has taken up running again but he prefers the flatness of the riverbanks. I went there with him yesterday. Many ducklings now and their hissing parents. Last week a friend's son walked his dog too close to the geese. One flew at the dog (a pitbull mix) from above. The dog jumped up to protect herself and injured the goose though it was able to fly away.
I took Naomi to the OB waiting a very long time. All is fine though now the fundal height is smaller than predicted. Another ultrasound scheduled. When we went shopping later, we ran into a bball mom and her daughter. Always a wave of embarassment washes over me as Naomi's path in life is going to be very difficult and I was ineffective in preventing this. It is now very obvious that Naomi is pregnant. I did buy her a few clothes as her 'slut-in-training' clothes really aren't appropriate.

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