Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Shanna and Ramy are out on their first night together since Daniel was born. Oliver actually asked to go to sleep. Daniel was a tougher customer. He had fallen asleep as I fed him (he started formula for the first time this week in anticipation of tonight) and I snuck him oh so carefully into his crib. Five minutes later, he woke up furious and it took an hour of rocking to calm him down and sneak him back into the crib. I ran south for a change on new asphalt easier on my legs but I eventually had to face the strong winds. Lots of running for the past week.

Shanna and I went to Brookline without a map or TomTom (as it died one hour into my drive here). I thought I knew where everything was but made a wrong turn. It doesn't help that in Boston, Beacon is clearly north of Commonwealth but in Brookline, their positions mysteriously switch. But we eventually found the French crepe place, which was good. Lots of traffic though. Boston is actually quite small but with the traffic, it takes a while to get from one place to another.

Tomorrow, back to Michigan. The crepe place owner asked about my 'accent'. I told him it was midwest standard-what broadcasters are to speak in. A large swatch of the country speaks as I do but only a small part speak Bostonese.

I didn't bring my card reader so no pictures until I get home. Keep posted.

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