Friday, May 21, 2010

Diaper cake

The project du jour: Not quite done but so far, Naomi is happy with it. I have a few 'sock roses' to add to it and figure out a way to keep the name letters from falling off.

A busy day today. I awoke bright and early to run in the drizzle before my Naomi duties. First stop: a series of appointments to get WIC, special supplements to pregnant women. She first had to prove herself eligible, then have a few medical tests (is healthy and non-anemic, have a talk with a nutritionist, then get a shopping list of approved foods. Next stop: the mid-wife. There are 10 in the practice but you can stick with one if you'd like. Naomi liked Heather, a young woman who I would guess is Shanna's age. Very earnest and professional. C-section rate: 10% vs 30% for the OB. She felt Naomi's baby: Head down!!! The head is not engaged yet but it is promising that that the baby is comfortable that way. All was fine. Naomi is a picture of health. Physiologically, she is at her prime; emotionally, financially, not so much.

After going out to eat, Naomi was hell-bent on me finishing the cake. She is very proud of it but I am making a few additions to it to surprise her. I left her to go to Happy Hour with a friend. Two dollar drinks, woo-hoo!!! Sadly, no patio seating as it was pouring rain.

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Yycien said...

I love how it looks! Truly Amazing! Now I know what kind of baby gifts I should give to my friend’s baby shower. She would really love this. Btw, you’re talented and such an inspiration. Thank you.


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