Monday, May 24, 2010

Better be a girl...

The room was full of pink streamers and balloons
One of the cakes- I really don't like many sheet cakes. This is a mousse filled flourless torte with animal crackers on top

The Spread

A cheesecake
It was very toasty yesterday although I guess every day this week will be the same. I worked on my muscles at the gym. I now can reach almost as far with my right arm as my left so I think I am finished with my frozen shoulder. Also gone: the fear that the pain in my arm might be bone mets.
I then made a last ditch attempt to find decorating materials for my cakes. I couldn't find the candies I had in mind. The cheesecake covered in multicolored gumdrops would have been cute but I stuck with mini vanilla wafers and pink frosted animal crackers for the chocolate torte.
My friend had filled the living room with streamers and pink balloons for the shower. Naomi was impressed and felt special. I should have taken more pictures but another friend took numerous shots. We had plenty of tasty snacks and punch.
Lots of pretty, pink outfits. Maya now has plenty of clothes to last for the first year if not beyond. She had fun with the games:
Guess what poop this is? Diapers filled with various melted candy bars looking very real and disgusting. Diapers now have so much deodorizers in them, we couldn't identify them by smell although Naomi's super smelling powers enhanced by pregnancy helped her become the winner in this one.
Complete the nursery rhyme.
How big is Naomi anyway? Everyone was given a different color of ribbon and asked to cut off a piece estimating the circumference of Naomi's considerable belly. Two people came up with the same length of ribbon. The tie breaker: guess Naomi's weight which was not too surprisingly grossly underestimated. Naomi doesn't mind hopping on a scale in public though you couldn't pay me enough to go on myself. I especially would not have done it pregnant.
So it was nice and Naomi was thrilled with all the kindnesses. People each left with a geranium.
Some of us later sat outside with wine spritzers watching the antics of a robin family and a pileated woodpecker strutting his stuff.
Thank you all for a wonderful day.


Teri Bernstein said...

All very cool! You are a wonder with the frosting!

Holly said...

how very perfect - wonderful YOU!


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